Arena da Baixada, Curitiba

City: Curitiba, capital of the State of Parana.

Capacity: 42,000 attendants.

Official name: Estádio Joaquim Américo Guimarães.
Origin of name: Joaquim Americo Guimaraes was the founder of Internacional Football Club, which later would become today’s Clube Atletico Paranaense, owner of the stadium.
The stadium is much more commonly referred to as Arena da Baixada. “Baixada”, in Portuguese, means “the low areas”; when Joaquim Guimaraes first thought of building a stadium, back in 1912, he purchased an area in the then distant, lower, wet suburbs of Curitiba, called “Baixadao da Agua Verde”; today, Agua Verde (which means Green Water), where the stadium is located, is one of the noblest areas of Curitiba.

Owner of Stadium: Clube Atletico Paranaense (Brazilian champion of 2001, several times champion of the State).
Arena da Baixada is one of the two privately owned stadiums of the World Cup 2014; the other one is Beira-Rio, in Porto Alegre.
Thanks to professional management, Arena da Baixada is considered one of the most modern stadiums in Brazil (it was the first to offer free wi-fi, and one of the few with a central surveillance system).
On the other hand, because the stadium is less subject to political exposition, there are fewer information (such as cost of investments, photos, etc) about the progress of the works; Atletico is spending their own money, so they have less obligation to provide information to the public.

Design and architecture: Carlos Arcos and  many others.

Constructors: CYD, Schlaich Bergermann und Partner and others.

Estimated cost: R$ 180 million.
This is the lowest budget of all venues of the World Cup 2014, and again it has to do with the fact that the stadium is privately owned.
Atletico must think on the return of investments (for example, to take loans, to hire contractors, etc); there once was a possibility that, for being so cautious with investments, Arena da Baixada would be discarded from the Cup.
Most of the original stadium (which had undergone complete renovation about ten years ago) was preserved, and just an expansion is planned; today’s capacity is 25,000, which should jump to about 42,000.
Atletico had for a few years a naming rights contract with Kyocera; the contract should be renovated in 2008 (when Brazil had already been announced as the host of the World Cup 2014), but Atletico was so sure that Arena would be a stage of matches that it decided not to renovate it.

Matches and teams: Curitiba will host only four matches of the World Cup, all in the first stage.
It is certain that Brazil will not play in Curitiba.
Possible candidates: Curitiba has a cold climate in June, which could attract countries looking to escape the hot weather, such as Sweden or Norway. Besides, the State of Parana has communities of immigrants from Japan, Italy and Poland, whose teams could feel a bit more at home in Curitiba.
Dates of matches:
June 16th (Monday):
June 20th (Friday):
June 23rd (Monday):
June 26th (Thursday):

Map of Arena da Baixada, Curitiba:

More photos and images:

Photo above: the Arena in 2008; even with the missing parts, the stadium was fully working.

Photo above: February 2012.

More information:
» World Cup in Curitiba.
» Brazil World Cup.


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