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Stadiums of World Cup Brazil 2014

March 4, 2012

The posts below bring information about each of the twelve stadiums which will stage matches of the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Last updated: December 2012.

Each post brings or will bring:
– Name, capacity and location of the stadium
– Official name, and origins of name
– the designer and the constructor of the stadium
– photos and images of the stadium, including: artistic images of the project, photos of the old stadium, photos of the new stadium being built
– when available, photos of the stadiums during the Cup, as well as the teams which will be performing there.

The Stadiums and respective locations are:

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Arena Amazonia, Manaus

February 29, 2012

City: Manaus, capital of the State of Amazonas.

Capacity: 44,000 attendants.
Manaus has no tradition at all in football; the local teams can’t attract more than a few thousand attendants per match; the stadium is certain to be under used after the World Cup is finished.

Official name: Estádio Vivaldo Lima.
Origins of name: Vivaldo Palva Lima was a doctor and politician (Senator).
Unlike several Brazilian stadiums which were named after the Governor who built them (like Castelao, Mineirao, Machadao, Verdao and others), the Vivaldao was named after a policitian who was already dead when the stadium was inaugurated.
Vivaldo Lima had relevant participation in the social, cultural, philanthropic and sports scene of Manaus; to mention only his sports merits, he was President of two important clubs in Manaus, Nacional and Fast.
During the World Cup, Brazil will try to push the name Arena Amazonia; the Amazon is the largest rain forest in the World, with potential to attract tourists from all over the World.
The main reason to choose Manaus as a host city was to give it an opportunity to gain world exposure during the World Cup.

Design: GMP (also worked in the Mineirao project).

Constructor: Andrade Gutierrez (also worked in the National Stadium of Brasilia).

Estimated cost: R$ 533 million.

Matches and teams: Manaus will host only four matches of the World Cup Brazil.
Dates of matches:
June 14th (Saturday):
June 18th (Wednesday):
June 22nd (Sunday):
June 25th (Wednesday):

Map of Arena Amazonas:

More photos and images:

Above: project of the new Arena Amazonia, with the city of Manaus and the river Amazonas in the background.

Photo above: photo of the old Vivaldao, from aproximately the same point of view as the previous image.

Above: August 2010, the demolition of Vivaldao was nearly finished.

Above: Arena Amazonia, January 2012.

Above: October 2012 (source).

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