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Stadiums of the Confederation Cup 2013

June 12, 2012

FIFA announced the stadiums of Confederations Cup 2013, which should be a reherseal for the FIFA World Cup.

Update, November 2012: see the schedule of the Confederations Cup.

The Confederations Cup takes place one year before the Cup, and is disputed by eight countries: the host country,  the champion of the previous World Cup (Spain), and each of the winner of the six Continental Cups.

Ideally, all the twelve stadia should be ready for the Confederations Cup; by staging an actual match, the stadium would be tested as to its infrastructure (pitch, seats, illumination) and its functionality (ways of access, tickets control, parking area, etc).

However, six of the twelve stadiums are already excluded from the Confederations Cup.

Four stadiums are confirmed: the National Stadium, in Brasilia (will host the opening match, and only that one); Maracana, in Rio de Janeiro (will host the final match); Mineirao, in Belo Horizonte; and Castelao, in Fortaleza.

FIFA will visit two other stadiums before the end of this year to confirm whether or not they will be ready for the Confederations: Arena Pernambuco, in Recife, and Fonte Nova, in Salvador.

Recife and Salvador are running to get their stadiums ready; the Confederations Cup will see some great matches (maybe Brazil x Spain or Brazil x England – or whichever other country wins the Eurocup), and will draw the attention of the World.

Hosting the Confederations Cup will bring exposure, free marketing and a lot of business for the host cities.


Stadiums of World Cup Brazil 2014

March 4, 2012

The posts below bring information about each of the twelve stadiums which will stage matches of the World Cup Brazil 2014.

Last updated: December 2012.

Each post brings or will bring:
– Name, capacity and location of the stadium
– Official name, and origins of name
– the designer and the constructor of the stadium
– photos and images of the stadium, including: artistic images of the project, photos of the old stadium, photos of the new stadium being built
– when available, photos of the stadiums during the Cup, as well as the teams which will be performing there.

The Stadiums and respective locations are:

Use the comments below to send comments and suggestions.

Fonte Nova, Salvador

March 1, 2012

City: Salvador, capital of the State of Bahia.

Capacity: 55,000 attendants.
Salvador has two teams, Bahia and Vitoria, with two of the most passionate fans in Brazil; in matches between these two teams, or between one of them and other major Brazilian team, the attendance reaches full capacity.

Official name: Estádio Otávio Mangabeira.
Origin of name: Otávio Mangabeira was the Governor of Bahia when the stadium was inaugurated, in 1951.
Fonte Nova means “new fountain” in Portuguese; the stadium is situated near Itororó Dam (see photo above), where there used to be water fountains for public use.

Design: Setepla and Schulitz+Partner.

Constructors: Odebrecht (worked also in Recife) and OAS (worked also in Natal).

Estimated cost: R$ 785 million.

Matches and Teams: Salvador will host six matches of the World Cup 2014.
The Brazilian team may play here, but that’s unlikely (the team should finish second in the first stage).
Salvador and Bahia have probably the largest infrastructure of resorts in Brazil (accommodation with large space for training and leisure), and certainly several national teams will stay here during the Cup.
Dates of matches:
June 13th 2014 (Friday):
June 16th (Monday):
June 20th (Friday):
June 25th (Wednesday):
July 1st (Tuesday):
July 5th (Saturday):
If the works in the stadium progress as expected, Salvador will be also a host of the Confederations Cup 2013.

Update, November 2012: FIFA confirmed Salvador as a host city of the Confederations Cup.
Schedule of matches:
June 20th 2013 (Thursday): Uruguay x Africa champion
June 22th (Saturday): Brazil x Italy
June 30th (Sunday): decision of 3rd place

Map of Fonte Nova, Salvador:

Images and photos of Fonte Nova:

Above: Implosion of the old Fonte Nova, in August 2010. The stadium was already condemned since november 2007, when part of the structure collapsed during a match, killing seven people. Costs to rebuild the old stadium were high, and results doubtful. When FIFA announced Salvador as one host city, the decision was made to implode the old stadium and rebuild from scratch.

Above: Fonte Nova in February 2012 (photo: Odebrecht).

Above: October 2012 (source). In December, it was informed that the works in Fonte Nova were 85% completed.

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